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                current sensing resistors
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                YeZhan Electronics CO., LTD|Milliohm Resister|Microhm Resister|Shunt|Manganin|Micro Ohm Resister|Currect Sense Resistor|konstantan alloy Resistor|Currect Sense Chip Resistor|Alloy Resistor|Shunt Resistor
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                Shenzhen Yezhan Electronics Co., Ltd is a sophisticated manufacturer which highly professional performance on manufacturing, designing and researching of all kinds of Micro Resistors, Milliohm Resistors and other Resistors.  It has strong product R & D and manufacturing ability & very good after-sale service. Since founded in 2005, our advanced production lines, precise equipments, strict quality control process and experienced engineers team are capable to fulfill the toughest requirement from customers worldwide.
                Our Products & Services:
                Resistor Manufacturing: milliohm resistors and shunt resistors, including high-precision welding feet current sense resistors, high-precision power sense resistors, presser foot sense resistors, jump wire resistors and bare sense resistors. 
                OEM & ODM capacity:
                6400-square-meter factory, 130 skilled workers, 15 QC staffs, 8 R & D engineers, 10 sales elites, 6 product lines, full richly detected testing equipments & machines.

                CE, RoHS, REACH, IEC compliance.
                ISO9001: 2008 certification approved.
                Location and traffic route:
                Located in Longhua New Area, Shenzhen City, P.R.China
                About 40 minutes'ride by car from Shenzhen Airport or borders between Hong Kong&Shenzhen
                It's  about 90 minutes’route by high-speed railway from Guangzhou Nan (Canton Fair).
                As one of the leading Resistors manufacturers in China, we follow the "Excelsior quality" business tenet, both "quality and customers come first" and "Satisfied and Exceeded the customers requirements" service promise, ...

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                milliohm resistors
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                Shenzhen Yezhan Electronics Co., LTD All Rights Reserved | 粤ICP?7098663?/a> | Admin Enter |  China Duty Manufacturer
                ADD: Building 6th-7th ,Rongchang Industry Zone, Longhua New District, Shenzhen 518110, P.R.China
                 Tel: +86 0755-83727115;E-mail: rachel@yezhan.com.cn; QQ: 3359462117 Skype: rachel_0222